Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Up-Tempo, Down-Trodden

It's been a while since I've posted.
I was working a lot for a while.
Now I'm home all week and I work all weekend again. It's rather nice. I'll miss the money, however, as I'll see the last of it this or next weekend.

As I worked fifty-eight hours over four days or the past eight weeks I had A LOT of time. My fella I work for is rather indepenent as I may have mentioned and I'd have spans of hours where I could just read. Or watch TV, do yoga.. etc.

SO I started studying again. I picked up my independent studies I used to pine after in high school and I found a much deeper more involved faith than I remember ever having..

I'm not going to preach to you or go all SELF-HELP like I tend to these days, but I am going to say it's changing my life.

I'm still taking my herbs. I've upped the ante on the fish oil & started taking L. Theanine instead of kava kava, so I know that's taking effect as well, but truth be told, I RARELY experience anxiety anymore. When I do I have total control.

That's the main thing.

I'M IN CONTROL. People's actions and words make sense again, I get my kids, I can almost speak to my kitties... I cheer people up. I'm out-going, I'm friendly, I CALL PEOPLE.

It's FUCKING weird.

I started studying divination and astronomy(a bit of astrology, also). I've always dabbled w/ mythology, but Chris found me this awesome book(it's HUGE) and it only cost five bucks. It has a dictionary-esque feel to it and includes ancient mythology from Greece/Rome, the Celts, Egypt, and East and West Asia and surrounding areas.
Being a practitioner of what most call "the craft," I have the power(as does every living thing on this planet) to manipulate energy with that of my own AND I realize it.
Being witchy is something that's always made me smile.
It's easier to manipulate energy when a. You're working towards good and b. you know what you're up against(I've found, personally, some strange entity tends to gum up the works when I allow my workings to take a less positive approach, I blame Daniel).

The belief that everything living of the earth is made up of energy is a product of quantum physics. The laws within are what has ultimately solidified my faith.

This is the 21st century. Even those of the NEW religion have found a little back-up science.

Anyway. I discovered a fail-safe, cure-all, panacea/incantation. I stand by it as I've had success personally, but all of this "stuff" and the results are based entirely upon you, the strength within and the faith you have in yourself and in nature(our creator, we put faces on it sometimes, but it comes down to the elements and spirit, does it not?).

I don't recommend saying this, especially over and over, if witchcraft and things of the like make you uncomfortable. But if you are a magickal people, strum your own heart-strings and hold on!

This incantation is either anonymous, written by Silver Ravenwolf herself, or possibly an older pagan author she often refers to, and it contains the 13 powers of a witch. I'm just utterly comforted by it. I chant it out doors while I'm alone, sometimes serenely monotone, sometimes a song comes along with the words to my lips. Silver Ravenwolf's "Solitary Witchcraft, A New Generation; Book Of Shadows" is where I obtained it. She stands by that it works and is intensely potent.
I took latin in high school, I use Greco-Roman pantheons, specifically Juno & Apollo as they just kind of weave my energy well. Where it says [Juno's], feel free to insert your own diety that you, personally, connect with. Or simply "Spirit" would suffice.

"Thirteen powers do the witches claim,
Thier right of lineage by [Juno's] name,
Tie the knot and say the words,
Or hand on head- the blessing is conferred.
A witch can bring success in love,
Bless or curse through goddess above,
Speak to beasts and spirits alike,
Command the weather, cast out a blight,
Read the heavens and stars of the night,
Divine the future, give good advice,
Conjure treasure and bring fortune to bear,
Heal the sick, kill despair."

I did my own little esbat concerning said powers and now wear a "13 Powers Talisman" which, simply, is a collection of things I've taken from nature in the last year and arranged symbolically within the talisman it's self.

When you're pagan, you follow the witch's pyramid and Dare To Be Silent.. but this is something that's had great impact on the trejectory of my life and I felt I needed to share.

If you hate anything non-christian that scares you, pisses you off, etc. You have no right looking at this page anyway.
I write honesty, I write goodness, and mystery doesn't scare me, it enthralls me.

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