Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just thought you should know...

I love everyone I know.
I love those I see daily and those I merely hear a word from every so often.
I love those I see regularly and those I hope to see soon.
I love those I hold only cherished memories of and,
those I parted with under less than positive circumstances.
I love my family, friends, not-so-friends, and aquaintances alike.

I hope my existence has in some way benefited you, Goddess allowing that I've changed your life for the better.

I know you've helped put me where I am today no matter how you feel about me right now.

Thank you for simply being you.
Good graces, Goddess speed. (;

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Check it out

It changed my life;

Hear Me Universe!!

I sing this song to myself many times a day.

"The Loves in my life carry me on,
My family and friends inspire this song,
I'm getting where I'm going, I have it all;
A healthy body, I stand strong and tall,
Happiness around me in many a form,
Disposable Income is now the norm.
I'll always lend an eager hand
Luck in all endevours is what I demand
My life will end beautiful and long you'll see
For all of Prosperity Belongs To Me."

It's cheesey I know, but I wrote it after I read Rhonda Byrnes's The Secret. It's an amazing book. It changed my entire perspective on life.