Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boudicca Reincarnated

Scarred and scorched and recovered from lame,
Marred and torched and accused of blame,
Arisen, I stand, and you'll speak my name,
You'll burn to touch me, ignite the flame.

I have triumphed over all that conquered and claimed me
I have gasped for breath atop those who've restrained me,
I've gone feral with passion for those seeking to tame me,
I have returned. . . from being insane.

I Am A Warrior Woman.

Through injustice, abuse, neglect; I perservere,
Voluptuous, robust, ferocious, and fierce!
What I want I shall have, though you try, you shall not halt me.
Now come, let me take you, I pray thee, exalt me.

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