Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Education,Children And Long Lost Friends

I've been taking my sweet-ass time doing it but I'm filling out FAFSA forms with my taxes to go back to school @ Shepherd this year.
I'd like to get a doctorate in Psychology. I can earn my master's at Shepherd, but that gives me 8 years to decide where I'll take my final four years and save.
I've told everyone now, I think. Which sucks, because if I'm unable to start just yet due to student loans w/ Sallie Mae, I get to look like an even bigger ass. YAY!

The children are fantastic. As is Christopher.
Taven is speaking in complete sentances "But why, ma?,""No, that's bad!," "Yes, I want some.," etc. AND he's in the process of potty training. He's so big.
Lylie is cutting her 6th tooth and is walking and talking nearly as much a Taven.

They get each other and are good friends with lots of inside jokes that no one else gets. Lylie is super snuggly and lovable and LOVES to dance and Taven like to wrestle, play zombie/cannibal baby and watch nickelodeon/ movies. They both love books, though Taven would perfer to tear one up, while Lylie enjoys both chewing on them and reading them as well.

Jen, the neighbor, and I SWORE that night before last she was saying, "Yeah, that's sexy!" and about five or six times in a row.

I hang out with West Virginians, now. There are two Jennifers, one I work with, one lives next door. Chris and I hang out with the neighbors and thier children quite often. We used to hang out w/ the neighbors behind us, too, but I uess we've all just been busy...

Except Chris...

I still see my Tree and I FOUND JAMES! He's an ex who has also always been a great friend. I miss him dearly. We ran into each other totally by chance while I was getting money out for beer and he was going w/ a friend to blow money at the slots. He ended up bringing his friend to our Beer Pong tournamet, where Tree showed up & man, it was just like being in high school again.

And then, via facebook, I've gotten into contact with Matt from Frederick and Jay from Allentown. I also spoke to Amie, someone else who knows and has dated James, lol, though we met through Daniel.

Chris starts training for Captial Meats this week. And is actually going this time(hasn't worked out for the past month due to lots of unforseen circumstances).

Life is looking up, it's nice, for a change.

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