Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stop Organized Crime

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Officers sending "Dear
John" Letters

Updated: Tuesday, 07 Jul 2009, 9:46 PM CDT
Published : Tuesday, 07 Jul 2009, 9:46 PM CDT

ESCAMBIA CO., Fla. - Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan admits that there is a prostitution problem in the area and he's doing all he can to put a stop to it. For the past three months, the Sheriff has been working on what are being called "Dear John Letters" to combat prostitution.

"This is portrayed too many times as a victimless crime but that couldn't be farther from the truth, and one of the reasons why we're focusing on this is really a two or three step approach. It's not just the sex trade, it's the drug trade, it's the fallout from the drug trade, domestic violence, abuse against the prostitute by their pimps, so there's a full host of things that are involved with prostitution," said Sheriff Morgan.

The way the "Dear John" Program works, is when someone is caught soliciting prostitution in a vehicle, the registered owner of that vehicle receives a letter in the mail telling them that their vehicle has been used in a prostitution crime.

"We had talked about sending letters to wives, significant others, spouses, and that sort of thing, but we found to stay within the legal parameters, we need to send it to the registered owner," said Sheriff Morgan.

Sheriff Morgan says he hopes the letters, which went in the mail on Tuesday, will also help cut down on the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

He says if you own a vehicle and get one of these letters saying that your significant other has been involved in this type of crime, you should see your doctor immediately.


My thoughs:

"I'm sure this will sound odd, but I think that prostitution is such a problem BECAUSE it is illegal. They can paint an ugly picture all they want but if it were a licenseable business regulated by the government, it would cut back on a lot of crime.

Hear me out; street pimping/hooking would be unnecessary, the regulation would stop the cycle of abuse(pimp or john to prostitute)and the spread of STDS by providing frequent testing and products to protect against diseases, it would help the economy by providing WILLING women(and men) with jobs and it would allow men(and women) who have rape fantasies, pedophilia, and other fetishes/paraphilia that are socially unacceptable a safe way to act out their fantasies.. Most often with severely mentally ill people, other than abuse, you see sexual repression.

If they'd found a healthy way to express themselves sexually early on they may have prevented the anger and hate they acted on. Sure the women employed may or may not LIKE the job(I doubt many macdonald's employees dig their gig), but some of us have insatiable sex drives, some of us are fantastic actresses and some of us just like money!

I've always kind of been offended at the fact that prostitution is illegal since I started being really interested in sex.. why can't I personally touch someone's life with my sexual talents and make money? I feel that due to the fact that women are generally who's in demand in this department that it was an early attempt to keep women down.

Men have always feared women, and we controll sex(for the most part, it's easier for us to have sex when we want it than it is for them.. we have higher standards, haha), add money to that & we're ten times as scary. I am a tad biased on this subject as I was raised by a woman who sold her body in many ways to support her family, but I feel like I have some good points.

The only thing that upsets me with prostitution is adultry. But, honestly, whether he's paying for it or not, I feel like a man's going to cheat if he wants, whether it's legal to pay or if he has to use craigslist or myspace to pick someone up."

Speaking of, a recent LA Times article depicts their efforts to crack down on prostitution.. last time I was on, there was no "Erotic" section.

Hippies, Stop Throwing Out Your Money...

I love nature just as much as the next hippie.. I hate walmart and big business in general(though, poverty stuck, it's difficult to shop elsewhere and eat healthy- though, thank you ALDI, it's getting easier).

The organic myth would paint you this beautiful watercolor piece with recycled canvas of small business family farms and toxin free farming.. a noticable difference in taste, more than comparable nutrition and just an over all image of perfection... for a price.

Well, being the avid watcher, I seen Penn and Teller's Thursday episode about this topic and sadly, I and many hippies have been deceived. As I've mentioned, I never take anyone's word for anything.. I have to do my own research before I relay the message.

So I did.

They were right. Organic advocates will all tell you the same thing, there's more nutritional value in organic foods, they taste better and they have natural pesticides.

The only truth in that statement is that about the pesticides. Unfortunately, just because a pesticide is natural doesn't mean it's safer. Synthetic pesticides have had enough time for trial and error to test what's best for human consumption.. natural pesticides tend to be more toxic as there are really only so many options.

On this weeks episode of Penn & Teller, not only did 71% of people tested fail the taste test, but they also PREFERRED the non-organic!

They also did a hilarious test where they divided the same banana on two plates and named one organic and one non... people SAID the organic tasted better... creamier, softer, sweeter.. but they were both the same banana... psychosomatic? Most likely.

Also, so far, globally, there have been no proven studies to support the idea that organic foods are more nutritional, this comes straight from the FDA.

I found a lot of sources to support my findings. The best article and the one I'd like to share with you is from Business Week, the best part talks about Stonyfeild Farms and how they import powdered organic cows' milk from New Zealand!

So check it out. And if you get a chance, check out the episode of Bullshit! concerning organics.

The moral of the story?

DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ... look it up. Compare and contrast and pick reliable sources.
These times are not for spending lavishly as per misinformation.
Arm yourself with knowledge. It's pretty powerful.