Friday, July 10, 2009

Not So Free..

The trip to Atlantic City, that is.. We idiodically thought it'd be a good idea to park on the street in hag's town and leave the car there for two days and a night while we were on our trip.. even though the tags and inspection are dead.
Well, the car was towed by the city and the tow cost was $150 and it's $25 a day until we can get legal tags and get the car out. The relative I'm buying the car from is.. well, difficult and we're having trouble getting the title to get tags in the state we're living.
If we can't get the car out today, we'll be paying $275 on monday plus the cost of tags.
Makes it difficult to wipe the turds from one's glasses, the fact that it's always something threatening to induce the anxiety attacks I've been fighting off for so long.

The trip was wonderful, however, though nookyless. The beach was beautiful, especially yesterday. I got to go to the bar for the 3rd time in my life(The Irish Pub, very nice) and had a couple of delicious long island iced teas and a lot of cheap beer. We wondered the boardwalk for hours, ate some delicious fried food and entertained ourselves with good conversation and random sights. I got to spend a lot of quality time with the Hubby and there was even a little time for self-discovery without the munchkins being around.

I learned that even without my meds I've gained some control over my emotions which is breathtakingly reassuring. I love being a woman but I hate the nuisance of the feelings involved. And maybe some of the physical aspects as well, but that goes without saying.

But it's been more than two days now since I've seen my babies and everyone directly involved is not taking it very well.

My mother actually tried to have me listen to Taven scream because he's inconsolable. I feel as though that's a bit inconsiderate as well as counterproductive and completely unneccessary. But she's stressed, I know. Unfortunately she has a knack for being self-absorbed when she's stressed and that's currently adding to my own stress.

Yay, more stress. I keep trying to tell myself that I'm trying as hard as I possibly can to fix everything and I'd really like to think that as long as I keep on everything will work out and be ok, all the detours is just making keeping that mindset possible.

Wish me luck!

Oh, I joined recently.
When I have more time and am less stressed out I'd like to share one of the topics brought up in a forum I'm apart of, involving prostitution. That will most likely be the next post.
I hope.

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