Friday, November 11, 2011

It's okay that you wronged me. . .

It's okay that you wronged me, for those who harm are never content,
Pockets are tighter for a bit, my trust in others will take a hit,
But the time invested in bettering any individual is well-spent.

As opportunities continue to open up and present me with improvement,
I will soon forget your face, no one else will ever embrace,
Soon you will be completely alone in your constant movement.

Soon you will run out of good hearts to manipulate.

As I progress onward, my family rising slowly, shining bright,
Your conscience will catch up as you are running out of luck,
I will hold on to what you have taught me, knowing I was right.

As you begin to look older and feel the many years of others' hate,
My smile lines the only indicator of times perpetrator,
You will find all of your fears and regrets put you in a sorry state.

But until then, I know, you will never stop to contemplate.

We both deserve all that is coming to us.