Friday, November 4, 2011

Classic Lame Rant

It is shocking how advocates for opposition of any environmental, education or viable economic movements seem to have a complete disregard for the future. Politicians, I can, perhaps, see (with so many degrees of separation from those of us who would be immediately and monumentally affected) how they can argue with a sufficient vocabulary, skirting the important details with big words and false patriotism. However, I find it repulsive: the "common" people like you and I, the average-American, taking these figure-head's words as gospel, all the while nodding with goofy grins on their faces and a look of adoration in their eye. These people are not patriots. They are bigots. They are oppressors and you & I? The oppressed.

These lazy, greedy politicians will feed the public half-truths and when they are not balanced with the right opposition, our creature comforts get the best of us. Who are these opponents? Why have I not heard these names? Press, media, promotion and occasional word of mouth is where you get your political beliefs unless you PURSUE them or are lucky enough to have someone in your life who does. Recognize that those with the most pull have campaigns funded, or, at the very least aided, by the richest corporations and churches in the nation, therefore A MAJOR THEME is occurring in our government... consider this, though.. THE CURRENT METHOD IS NOT WORKING. HENCE economic decline, POINT spreading political activism, public outrage, civil disobedience, etc.

I understand that nature displays, very clearly, the famed survival of the fittest. I get it. I see value in recognition of phenomenal efforts and achievement. However, I don't view deliberately allowing the destruction and compromised quality of what we all require to thrive. Isn't that a form of manslaughter? Why aren't these people held accountable? Perhaps my perspective is a bit extreme. Haha

I began my pursuit in Environmental studies because the more I learned from a scientific perspective, the more the world made sense to me and the more beautiful and exciting the universe became, but people continue to elude me. We're not stupid as a species, but somehow we are just alright with being ignorant sometimes, and that is disturbing.

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