Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I wish.
My attempt at downplaying disappointment.
I was confident I had found the perfect position.
The interview went amazing and I bristled at minimum wage but felt secure in the possibility of a review and possible raise every 90 days..
So I really put my best foot forward, I went in asking questions, did as I was asked, did a little extra and offered to do more.
My boss is/was impressed.
I got a little flustered when my client became hostile. I handled it well despite my anxiety and put it in the paperwork, going directly to my boss for communication since there was no other form.
Today I find out my client is going back to rehab and I am so incredibly disappointed.

So here is what I have to do.
Senior care is not my preferred anyway, I would prefer someone who is developmentally disabled, specifically with down syndrome.
Now I have the availability when that job comes along.
My client was hostile, possibly drama-filled and approaching dementia and that is stressful and brings out my anxiety.
I've had several clients who were a pleasure to work for and now I can find another like that.
The pay was minimum wage and the drive was out of town. Now I can be available if a client becomes available through my company that is close by or I can be available if another company offers me better pay.
The hours were right but there wasn't enough of them, this opens me up for something with at 20-25 hours per week.

At least I found care.com and sitter city and those allow me to browse at my convenience and possibly get hits as I already have- though I have not heard back form anyone yet.
Of course the hope is that I will hear back from someone and it will be THE job for me until I get my bachelor's and can pursue something amazing, significant and high-paying.

I feel better already. ^.^

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