Sunday, October 2, 2011


Really, I am just going back to regimens that I dropped while working and going to school full time. Now with the addition of a room mate I will be doing both part time and I can take care of myself and the people I love a little better.

#1. Home Pre-School. I have always given the children instruction and guidance and seized any opportunity to teach them about the world, but there was a time where they had structure in their schedule and a large portion of it was very fun learning.

Thanks to youtube's KidsTV123 I have a plethora of visual aides that the kids LOVE. Taking after mom, their favorites are what they call the "planet movie"s, one is just a ditty to help remind them of the order of the planets, the other is a song about the solar system.
Luckily, I also have a ton of books from freecycle, as well as the ones my little sister no longer uses. I still have a few packs of flash cards, crayons, colored-pencils, coloring books and other craft supplies for all kinds of fun learning adventures with my babies.

#2. Weekly work out regimen. A very good friend whom I went to high school with will be moving to the area this Monday. She is going to be my new gym buddy- 5 days a week.
In addition to that, the hubby has agreed to rise and shine early 4 days a week for a couples work out. My workouts at the gym will probably be longer since Chris can use the equipment at work, but I think it is a good healthy way for us to bond.

#3.Food Lover's Diet Plan

I bought this a few years ago and I LOVE it. The exercise portion is no longer necessary once my regimens begin, which, is, hopefully, this week. However, the recipes and snack suggestions will be fueling my shopping lists from here on out.

#4 Mass organization- I have a desk and a bedroom that needs organizing after throwing out some junk and freecycling some unnecessary items.

#5 Regular productive relaxation- meditation, yoga, isochronic tones, chanting and ritual will be more regular. Especially now that I have a killer headset that will block out all the noise of the house.

I figure it will be more of a motivator to share my plan publicly. Good motivation to write as well, which I know will suffer when classes start, tomorrow.

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