Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Roommates, New Semester, New Beginnings

Truly, a family of 4 has moved into one of the kids' rooms. They seem to make it work. So far it has been mostly an enjoyable experience, though Taven is clearly acting out more so than Lylie. I have been exhausted. However, they are also a lot of help.

I am taking Biology with Lab this semester and Soil Science next semester. I am working on getting my minor switched to journalism so that I can work for a paper or magazine after I get my bachelor's. Maybe even a kids' magazine. Children are the future after all! ;) I bet I could make energy conservation fun! ^.^

Biology is AMAZING. The labs are so great. I already got a head start on week 2's lab. I wish I could stay part time but it is going to take me forever. Having a single class at a time makes life interesting and less stressful.

An update on the spiritual front:

I've been on several message boards here and there. One of them pissed me off because it seemed like the people running the show were a bit angsty for my taste so I haven't been on much, there. I did just join wiccan wisdom and have been browsing there.

I've actually e-mailed a few women in surrounding cities and even here in Martinsburg in regards to starting a family-friendly community/coven. I've met with two ladies and have to give another a call this week.

I've joined a pagan homeschool forum on yahoo which has been really helpful with my aspirations to keep the kids at home for school. Lots of great ideas and product suggestions. I think I am going to go with Waldorf for curriculum suggestions.

Lastly I've finally started having dreams again, seemingly symbolic ones. I meditate before bed again to be safe. I've even done a formal ritual recently. A 7-day deal. First one since before we moved here (January).

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