Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Samhain Plans

Trick Or Treat:
Thanks to my amazing step-grama we were able to get the kids good costumes for Halloween- and for the first time in quite a few years, I have a new costume as well. Lylie is going to be a ballerina princess (her new favorite color is purple and we found the perfect outfit & accessories), and Taven is going to be Iron Man (which he picked over spider man AND optimus prime). They're both very excited about their costumes, but Taven is having a hard time being patient about it. My costume, which I've dubbed "Dahlia the goth faery," consists of wings, a wig and fishnet arm-warmers.
I think we're going to go trick-or-treating at my sister-in-law's house with my nieces and nephew, which I am excited about since we missed the pumpkin carving! Speaking of which, I need to carve mine, this week.

Get togethers:
I am trying to organize a potluck lunch for Sunday with locals I have gathered from craigslist and witchvox who are interested in paganism. So far I have found two recipes I want try out. The first is cranberry glazed sweet potatoes which makes my mouth water. The second is butternut squash & cheese polenta. Both require baking which I am a bit nervous about, being that I don't do it often. I'm am thinking about making a turkey ham as well, but I haven't decided.

Also, we're supposed to go see Tapered Mind in concert Sunday night!! That being said, I need to get on this midterm!! Haha


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