Wednesday, November 10, 2010


_-~* In the quiet calm and the still of the night, I can still hear him from the forest's edge... calling... "tear thy linens and expose thy flesh, make merry with thou fellow beasts in the territories I rule. Come, child... there is much mischief to intrude upon. There are many sights to be seen. We are waiting. Come home."*~-_

When I was completely alone, because I believed I was.. I sat under the tree that faces the wood, on the outside looking in, and I told Cernunos repeatedly "I surrender if you surrender."

I can still picture the visions that riddled my head on these occasions. It was a taunt and a game and a connection with ancient, omnipresent, omnipotent energy and in the weeks following, nature bowed. Wild animals showed themselves to me in the suburbs where I work. Dragon flies lined up in the shape of a star at my feet as I meditated or chanted and butterflies followed me and perched on me as I connected to my very own out doors. Butterflies and dragonflies an other pretty winged insects perched in my home where I often was and left their physical forms behind.

Finally my emotional difficulties had many concrete sources, giving me an understanding myself and the feelings of many others around me. My dreams became journeys in another plane. The faeries quit their mischief and cooperate accordingly. I began to hear the disembodied voices, but this time I did not seek medication because I listened to what they were saying.

Faith returned.

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.


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