Sunday, August 22, 2010

Redefining Me

A short while ago I realized that my personality needed a makeover.

I took some time to remember who I am and what I love. I sleep a little better. I smile all the time. I laugh many times a day and I sing constantly. I dance almost every day and I'm not really trying to do anything but be healthy but I keep losing weight. Or, as I say "I'm melting!"

I'm just a happier person.

I let shit go. That was probably my biggest challenge.

Things continue to get better for me every day.

I've registered for 3 semesters @ APUS which puts me at done with my general education courses in less than a year.

I'm currently debating on whether to take psychology or biology and astronomy.

I'm still working for the same fella and Chris starts his job today. The kids are happy and healthy and beautiful and smart.

Taven speaks in complete sentences and Lylie talks just as much. They look like twins. Taven is more coherent every day. Lylie is such a sweetheart! She carries dollies around and shows them how to do things. We want to get her one that wets because Taven has gotten the potty training down but she's still struggling, though she's clearly interested. I'm sure, as I watch her change her own diaper a few times a day. Sometimes she sits on Taven's training potty and stares at me intently as though waiting for direction. I tell her to "go pee and poo in the potty" but eventually she just giggles at me and gets off the potty to commence streaking. They've both become very compassionate and understanding for such little things. Though, the age demands an establishment of independence and so there's a lot of "NO!" and temper tantrums going on every day.

I get to see or talk to a lot of my favorite people with consistency. When I believed I was alone, I was. (= But I now know the collection of awesome people I have and I bug them often.

I will have a car at the beginning of next month and we're planning to start up the apparel business after we pay off our debts. Then, we fly the trailer park. We want to stay in WV, but we'll probably seek out homes and apartments closer to MD.

The future is bright and I am ready!

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