Thursday, August 26, 2010

Self Empowerment.

Divinity exists in the mind. The sense that you are connecting with Spirit is the result of a chemical reaction in the frontal lobe. Brain chemistry sparks faith.

Brain chemistry determines your sexual identity, the function of all of your organs and body systems. Your brain determines your academic and professional ability, your creativity, your sense of humor. Your brain contains all the information you've come by in your lifetime.

Your capacity, your ability, your efficiency is determined by faith alone. The concept of facilitating progress or submitting to failure lies in what you believe to be true, especially what you believe to be true about you.

Most religions, past and present, base their depictions of Divinity on our form or being or a mixture of the conscious life on this planet. I pose to you the theory that Divinity is everything simultaneously. Not just us and our planet or solar system, but every element on the periodic table, every star in every galaxy and every form of life in existence. Empty space, plastic, pollution and excrement all equal Divinity.

Quantum physics suggests that everything has a form of consciousness and that we are all connected by it; "quantum consciousness." In this theory we are all Divine in that we are connected to the same unfathomable vastness that is the universe through the very tool that sparks faith; our brain.

Shed the need for labels, your age, race, creed, gender, political party, sexual orientation, your name! Remember for a moment WHO YOU ARE devoid your economic status and social class. Close your eyes and listen to the voice in your head. Does that person even match the meat suit you dress up and present to the world?

Just a little tidbit to prod your frontal lobe.

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