Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Merry Autumn

Autumn has arrived and with it that feeling of connected-ness that seems to arrive every year with a place beyond the veil of the mundane.
There is this playful, electric energy that feels suspiciously like magic, everywhere.
To step outside is to be engulfed in the smell of decaying natural matter, which is somehow comforting and exciting, to me.
To step into civilization is to be enveloped by a myriad of delicious autumnal smells which is pleasing in so many ways.
No matter where you go there is the option of sampling something flavored with pumpkin or cranberry or apple. TV is a little spookier. Children are a little restless and that veil I mentioned earlier is thinning, thinning. ;)
If this Samhain is an anyway an improvement from last year, I simply CAN NOT wait.

Blessed Fall to ALL. (=

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