Monday, September 26, 2011

Awake. Arise. Apathy.

I'm letting go of all that hurts because I can not justify my own stupidity when I know better. I'm not struggling anymore, I will accept whatever I must with a perfect vision in mind and undeniable faith that it will quickly find fruition through circumstance, work and determination. Through all the drama and bullshit, the people that really love me will still love me despite the absence of either party, despite what may have transpired in anger, frustration and depression. The people who want to die are going to find a means whether I continue to waste my time and energy convincing them otherwise or turn a blind-eye once many attempts have failed. People who want to live are going to struggle and conquer and prevail no matter who or what stands in their way. And I am done being part of the problem. It is time for some severe self-discipline and impulse control. It is time to listen to my gut and KNOW when my internal alarms are screaming instead of instinctually trusting the cute, cuddly-looking, sadist. Here's to contributing to the solution, simply by being conscious and trusting yoursellf over others. Cheers.

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