Friday, December 31, 2010

Aimez votre vie.

The doldrums are not as bleak as they may seem,
At the very bottom, you must start with a dream.

There is splendor in grandeur,
There is wonder in elaboration,
There is beauty in discovery,
There is experience in collaboration,

The idea, born, must be nurtured:
A plan erected,
the Universe given word..

At the very bottom, you must be precise.
Picture each component in perfect clarity.

Release the weight of worry and fear,
Forget confrontation, humiliation and scarcity.

"All You Need Is Love.

Love is all you need."

Indulging in what you appreciate
Will bring your desires with speed.

Existence is situational,
Your situation can dissolve or improve,

Dwelling dissolves with ease, while
Indulging can make you move.

Profitez de la vie.
(Enjoy life.)

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