Friday, March 12, 2010

Poetry, March 2010


Ageless day
be gone, and the next.
I want not for this hour,
My terminal...

Ageless day, make haste.
Take with you my lingering malady,
Take with you my predilection.

Tolerance gained in trifle;
I now conceive little else,
My soul; adrift.

Adherent, catch and restore me.
I need your stitches, again.
I've lost a lot of gore.
My chassis is delicate,
My wind, shallow.
Rescind the (AGONY) bestowed,
My last requisition.


A simple complication

So complex.

Yet the candor in my
mental capacity
A reflex.

You deny my ability,
Criticize my stability,
Weaken my humility,
So, I question your virility.

I conjure the vigor I've got left,
Clutch. Patience.
I endure the usual mistreatment;
Unhappy salutations.

A single duality,

So intense.

Yet I grasp for reality,
The void, the Gravity,
In pretense.

Resentment emphasized,
Resolve realized,
Contentment advertised
Hesitation(it's commercialized).

I invoke my heroine
Courageous. Selfless.
She provokes misery;
"Trapped." "Helpless."

It will be as I make it;
My afflictions lose reign when I
End it.


An Ode To Patience:

If you had a body,
I'd stab it

You infuriate me so;
The way you ebb and flow
When I've no place to go.

Can't keep it all inside,
When dualities collide,
All of control is aside.

Why won't you
Help Me Feel
less like

A Monster.

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