Friday, March 12, 2010

The Children, March 2010

Lylith is very musical. She will dance and sing to anything, but when food or rest are in a period of waning, she becomes particular. Like most little girls, she prefers a female voice. She loves to listen to me sing no matter what I'm singing(which is nice as Chris will interrupt and sing over me if he's opposed and Taven just screams), and she's recently developed an interest in clothes. The louder(or the hotter the pink, I should say), the better.
My little Lylie is very good with Aya and her third litter of kittens. She loves dollies(and will say "aww-aww, dolly/kitty/baby/mommy") and is adorable when playing mommy. She tries to feed her dolls, shares her cup with them, hugs, kisses and pats them and plays peek-a-boo(saying, very clearly, "peek-a-boo,") and if she drops them or smacks them she'll say "uh-oh!"
She's very polite and says "please" and "thank you," as does Taven, usually.
Taven also says "uh oh!" with a lot of full sentences. His favorite thing to say is; if he's hurt you or if you're crying or angry, he'll say "Ya all right?" He has learned to hold the cats properly and is very social and out-going with the neighbors' children.
Both kids will pick up a phone and say, "hello!?" They gibber in their own language into phones and to each other, it's adorable.
Taven also enjoys dolls or stuffed animals occasionally. Anything soft and cuddly he'll carry around and say "aww-aww," patting it's back or giving hugs and kisses.
He likes to wrestle a lot and will randomly hit, kick or punch you to prevoke you into throwing him around as Chris does.

My babies is growin' up!!!

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