Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm Jenna.
I'm awesome.
I'm a wife, a mom, an aspiring entrepernuer, a spiritualist, an independent student & a ton of other super-impressive labels. Adore me!
You want to read this blog. It's new, obviously, but if you need a preview of what's to come, I've been posting my thoughts & some of my poetry on myspace under mistressnennavieve/myspace.com for about 6 years now & I've had so many ppl tell me I really need to branch out to bigger & better things.
So here I am.
I'll visit several subjects in here, some controversial, some superficial, but it will always cite sources & I promise to give the facts.
I'm open to suggestions once I've gotten a fan base established. I love the art of study. I certainly AM a nerd. But a hot one.
Since this is my first post so I'll introduce myself.
I'm a curvy girl, big in all the right places.
I take care of myself via a healthy diet & yoga & pilates.
I'm currently job hunting as well as trying to start my own business, which is currently on hold due to the lack of funds.
The family & I are trailer trash of WV at the moment(happily so as long as we can keep the trailer!) & are going through some financial hardships.
My husband is 26 & wonderful. My little girl is 7 mons & my little boy is 18 mons.
This blog is not for the easily offended & would most likely amuse & intruige parents with open views of religion, politics, sex & other random biggies that some people can't handle adverse opinions of.
I look forward to entertaining, informing & enchanting you.
Love Always

>=)~>Mrs. Henry<~(=<

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  1. Welcome to Blogger Jenna! :D I've been here awhile and love the format.